Welcome to Walk Bike Palo Alto

About Us

Walk Bike Palo Alto is a local, grass roots group working for better Active Transportation in Palo Alto, encouraging more people to choose to walk or bike more often – any age, new or longtime residents, whether for health/fitness, for everyday trips, for a more sustainable future, or just for fun.

What’s Going On?

2023 Bike to Work/Wherever Days, May 18 – 20

Safe Streets for Palo Alto!

Get out on your Bike with Bike Palo Alto – Everyday!

Visit the new Bike Bridge to the Baylands

You can help…

More than encouragement is needed to meet our city’s goals for a sustainable future. We must also advocate for improving and completing Palo Alto’s bicycle and pedestrian network, for comfortable off street paths, for attractive streets for biking and walking, and for safer crossings at busy intersections.

We are just starting out, and would be thrilled to have you join us!

For questions or to find out more, email us at: contact@walkbikepaloalto.org

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