Bike Palo Alto! Any Day. Anywhere.

Bike Palo Alto is a community-led, family-friendly event encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get more active and to reduce their carbon footprints by choosing to bike more often for local shopping trips, getting around the city, and for fun!

At the annual event, route maps are offered that highlight great bike routes with bike bridges, off-road trails, and underpasses that make biking easy and convenient.  Though the popular festival portion of the event had to be cancelled during the pandemic, volunteers took the route maps online so anyone could pick up a route map any time to discover quieter, low-stress routes to city parks, recreation, libraries and places to eat or shop all over Palo Alto. 

Download free bike route maps (or use online guidance) and enjoy rides with friends and family – or go solo! 

Get started at .  Ride on!